When you want to paint and decorate your home or work place, do you paint, or can wallpaper play a role in the look you are after?

You may want to wallpaper a whole room or just that one feature wall in your lounge room, bedroom or even in your office space.

There is a huge range of wallpaper designs to choose from and there is also a range of different quality papers. Many cheaper types of wallpaper can be difficult to apply and may tear easily. The more expensive papers can often be better to apply and patterns easier to match up.

As wallpapering is more time consuming it is obviously more expensive than painting, but can give you a more luxurious look and doesn’t need maintenance.

If wallpapering isn’t your thing, painting a feature wall or picking the appropriate colours can also give you the effect you are looking for. If it all becomes too hard, our colour consultant will happily help you out.